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Grant and LBJ

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Q: Which two presidents refused to run for second terms?
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What was the success of one term presidents?

As a group one-term presidents are not so successful which is why they were one-term presidents. Polk refused to run for a second term and he was probably the most successful one-termer. Taft would very probably have won a second term if Theodore Roosevelt had supported him instead of breaking with with his party and running as an independent against him.

Why were presidents not elected for more than two terms before 1940?

Before the Twenty-Second Amendment, Presidents could run again for a 3rd term. The Congress passed the amendment on March 21, 1947.

Who was the first president to serve two terms and then refused to run for a third?

George Washington

Could Truman have run for President a second term?

Yes. The 22nd amendment was proposed and ratified while Truman was president and he was explicitly exempted from its application. He could have run a second time and for an many terms as he could get elected. The amendment applied to all presidents after Truman, however.

Why cant presidents run more than twice?

The 22nd Amendment of the US Constitution limits presidents to serving a maximum of two four-year terms.

What presidents that are still alive can run for president again?

Any presidents that served fewer than two terms in office: Jimmy Carter George H.W. Bush

Is Barack Obama out after this term?

Since U.S. presidents can not serve more than two terms, when Barack Obama's second term ends, he will no longer be able to run for president. In November 2016, there will be an election, and a new president will be chosen.

When was Barack Obama a president?

Barack Obama became president in 2008. He then ran for re-election and won a second term in 2012. When his term ends, he will not be able to run for a third time, because presidents are only allowed to serve two terms.

Who stayed in the White House the shortest?

No one stayed in the white house the shortest. All presidents have 4 year terms, and if they wish to run again, than some have two 4 year terms.

What presidents served one term by choice?

James K. Polk and Rutherford B. Hayes both declined to run for a second term.

How many terms did George Washington serve as president?

He served for two terms and probably could have been elected again but he refused to run again thinking that it would be a bad precedent if he should stay in office any longer.

What president set the precedent for two terms in the office?

George Washington set this precedent when he refused to run for a third term despite encouragement from many to do so.