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To be declared the winner, a candidate needs at least 270 electoral college votes.

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Q: How many electoral collage votes do you need to become the us president?
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Who picks the vice president if no person received the majority electoral votes?

electoral collage

How many electoral votes do you have to win to become president?

270 votes from the electoral college are required to become president.

Has electoral college encouraged participation by citizenry?

Well, the electoral collage votes the president for us....... so its wierd

How many votes did George Washington get in the electoral collage for his second term?

George Washington received 100% of the electoral votes and was unanimously elected President in 1789 and 1792.

Do you directly elect your president?

No. Your Vote goes to the electoral college. It then is tallied with the rest of the state'svotes, and the electoral collage votes all go to the candidate with the most votes, with a few exceptions.

What portion of the electoral vote does a candidate need to become President?

270 electoral votes

How does a person become President of the US?

by winning the electoral votes

What type of votes actually elect the president-?

Electoral votes are the type of votes that actual elect the president.

How many votes does Donald trump and Clinton?

To become president they need 265 electoral votes.

How many electoral college votes are required to become president?


What must a candidate win a majority of to become the US president?

electorial college, and that's not a school

To become president of the US a candidate has to receive a majority of votes from what?

The Electoral College