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I count six -- Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Quincy Adams, VanBuren and Buchanan were Secretaries of State before being elected president.

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Q: How many presidents served as secretary of state before being president?
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How many presidents served as vice president?

14 presidents served as vice president before becoming president

Was Herbert Hoover a senator or governor?

No, before running for President in 1928 he served as Commerce Secretary in the Cabinets of Presidents Harding and Coolidge.

How many presidents served as secretary of state after being president?

No ex-president has later become a Secretary of State- six have moved up from Secretary of State to president, however.

What did Confederate President Jefferson Davis served as Secretary of before the civil war?

Davis served President Franklin Pierce as Secretary of War

What us president served prior in the cabinet?

Several presidents were cabinet members before they were president. Thomas Jefferson was the first. Others were Madison, Monroe, Quincy Adams, Van Buren, and Buchanan. All served as Secretary of State .

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What job did 26 presidents have before election?

26 U.S. Presidents served as ambassadors to Lithuania before becoming president.

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Before the civil war confederate president Jefferson Davis served as?

Secretary of War.

Before the Civil War Confederate President Jefferson Davis served as Secretary of?