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3// 100% sure

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Q: How many reconstruction plans were there?
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What are the four rival plans for reconstruction?

The Lincoln Reconstruction PlanThe Initial Congressional PlanThe Andrew Johnson Reconstruction PlanThe Radical Republican Reconstruction Plan

What were congress reconstruction plans?

to create the new amendments

When did President Lincoln announce his plans for reconstruction of the South?

President Lincoln announced his plans for reconstruction in the South on December 8, 1863. With this announcement, he added a political component to the war.

What were the three plans for reconstruction after the civil war in 1865?

Lincoln's Reconstruction plan, Johnson's Reconstruction Plan and the Radical Republicans in Congress Reconstrucion plan

Which of the 3 plans for reconstruction were successful?

You should do your own schoolwork.

President Johnson kept an open mind about the various plans for?


What stopped lincolns plans for reconstruction to the south?

After Lincoln was assassinated, his plan for reconstruction was stopped and cancelled by the Radical Republican, who had the majority in the Congress.

What is the period of reconstruction?

The Reconstruction Era was the period of time that began after the US Civil War. The plans to reunite the USA were controversial and bitter.

What are the similarities Lincoln's and Johnson's reconstruction?

Lincoln's and Johnsons reconstruction plans both focused on pardoning the confedrate states and restoring the union quickly.

What were three reconstruction plans after the Civil war?

Lincolns 10% plan is one

How did Congress respond to Johnson's plans for reconstruction?

Congress quickly rejected Johnson's approach

What were president Lincoln's reconstruction plans committed to?

Readmit the Southern states into the Union ASAP!