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pocket vetoed

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Q: When Congress passed the Wade-Davis bill in response to Lincoln's Reconstruction plans the president passed the bill.?
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What stopped lincolns plans for reconstruction to the south?

After Lincoln was assassinated, his plan for reconstruction was stopped and cancelled by the Radical Republican, who had the majority in the Congress.

What was one of President Lincolns first major goals of Reconstruction?

Reunify the nation

What was president Lincolns reconstruction policy designed to do?

reunite the south with the north quickly

What Lincolns reconstruction plan?

Lincolns plan was to abolish slavery!

Another name for president lincolns reconstruction plan?

President Lincoln's proposal for reconstruction was called "Lincoln's 10% Plan." It was a plan to reunify the North and South after the War's end.

What best reflects president lincolns hopes fro reconstruction?

to punish the south for severely for drvvrbp,g tker imopmn

What was president Lincolns plan for reconstruction?

Nobody knows he was going to say the next day but he died

What was lincolns goal in reconstruction?

the main idea of reconstruction is to rejoin the south and the north.

What was lincolns reconstruction plan called?


Why did Reconstruction succeed during the Civil War?

Reconstruction did not occur during the Civil War. Reconstruction was after the terrible destruction of the war. And reconstruction was not entirely successful, despite what that chapter in the history book tells you. Reconstruction first started with lincolns plan. It failed. Congress then tried a plan, but Lincoln pocket vetoed it. Johnston then tried a plan, but failed, then congress came up with a new plan and suceeded.

What was Lincoln's reconstruction?

Lincolns plan was to abolish slavery!

What was part of Lincolns plan during reconstruction?

2 win war