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Q: How many taxes were applicable on the third estate?
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How does equity work in the state of Florida?

There are many rules regarding equity in the state of Florida. Local taxes are applicable to equities related to property and real estate, as well as those in stocks and bonds.

How many levels does the system have and how many?

There are 3 estates : the first estate, the second estate, and the third estate. The third estate were the poorest in France and were mostly peasants but the first estate contains priests and religious people who are very rich

Who is required to pay inheritance taxes?

In many jurisdictions the estate pays inheritance tax.

Do you have to pay federal taxes on money you get from an estate?

No. Estate taxes are paid by the estate of the dead person. The person who receives the property or money does not pay the tax.Were it as easy as that!Frequently, especially when the inheritance comes from a 401k or other plan, the amount is taxable. There may be an estate tax ( and may not) dependning on the size of the estate, and some taxes mat be a credi against others (like gift taxes against inheritance taxes). There are many taxes involved in any inheritance, estate &/or gift.On something like a 401 k you would have a beneficiary. In that case the 401 k does not become part of the estate, unless the estate was named beneficiary.

How are estate taxes figured and who figures them?

That is one of the responsibilities of the Executor. The IRS and state provide the guidelines and forms to be filled out. It is pretty straight forward, and in many cases there are no estate taxes.

Why does Sieyes believe that the Third Estate is the one that sustains socity and why does he later call the third estate the whole?

Abbe believes that the Third Estate has everything needed to govern and run the country, but is held back by the privileges of the nobles and clergy. He also believes that if there was no clergy or nobility, then the Third Estate could be so much more. The Third Estate provides all of France with the essentials (food etc.), whilst the other two Estates do not work nor pay taxes, simply 'sitting back' and letting the Third Estate do all the work. Also, the Third Estate already consists of 97% of the whole of France so if they were as privileged as the other two Estates, it could be the 'whole' of France. Abbe blames Louis for all of the Third Estates problems. They suffered many of these burdens due to his actions. For example, he made France go into war while already having financial problems. This resulted in more taxes (only paid by the Third Estate), and the peasants struggled to survive. He betrayed one of the ideals of the French Revolution, liberty. The Third Estate were allowed no freedom, even the bourgeoisie who were the privileged ones. Louis was charged guilty for high treason and executed by the guillotine.

What were the first second and third estates in france?

In the National Assembly in France during the time of the French Revolution, as you know was separated into three estates. The first estate consisted of the clergy who were hardly taxed and enjoyed many privileges. The second estate was filled with nobles so high class citizens. They too paid next to no taxes and had dominance over the third estate. The third and final estate consisted of commoners, anyone from bankers to peasants were unfairly categorized and bundled up into this single heap of French citizens. This group of people would pay almost all of the taxes in France and owned the majority of the total land in France. Now in the National Assembly each estate would get one vote. The first and second estates would team up and had authority over the third estate, unfairly dominating and suppressing the views and values of the third estate.

How many people protested King George's taxes?

It is estimated that about one third of colonists protested taxes.

How did the social inequality of France's three estates cause conflict?

The First Estate, which was made of of the clergy, and the Second Estate, which was made up of the Nobles, had many privileges. The Nobles were able to hold high government positions. They also had to pay nearly no taxes and they had a lot of money. The Third Estate was envious of this. They were made up of peasants and bourgeoisie--wage earners.

Why did the third estate want to change the procedure for voting?

The Third Estate had many more members than the other two combined, and represented many, many more people. Its dlegates wanted to vote by head (one delegate, one vote) rather than by Estate (one Estate, one vote). That way, the majority would have a majority

How many estates were in the french system?

Three. The First Estate consisted of members of the Catholic Churh. The Clergy. The Second Estate consisted of Noblemen. The Third Estate consisted of peasents.

Which estate had the most votes at meetings of the Estates-General?

The Third Estate had as many members as the other two put together; but it was decreed that each Estate had ONE vote. That was why the Third Estate declared itself to be the National Assembly, and that declaration (the Tennis Court Oath affirmed it) was the start of the Revolution.