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I think at first there were only local courts but then if one local person had a problem with a man of another city, neither the court of first man nor the court of second man's city could hear it because both disagree with the ruling that a court make for another city's person. To solve this they made state level courts. Some time later a case came up in which a man from one state filed a law suite for a man from another state. The same problem that we had with the local courts happens again here and both disagree with the ruling that both of those state's courts make. At last to solve this, they made federal courts to hear that kind of case in which two different states are involved. It's not the only kind of case that federal courts hear but it one of those types of cases that federal courts may hear. Hope you got it

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Q: How the federal court system developed?
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What is the U.S. judiciary branch defined by?

federal court system.

What courts are in the federal court system?

federal district court, federal court of appeals court,and the U.S. supreme court.

What is the court system that deals with US?

Federal Court System

What is the federal court system?

The federal court system comprises the Supreme Court, circuit courts of appeal, and district courts. There are also specialized federal courts.

When was the US federal court system expanded?

The Judiciary Act of 1801 the federal court system expanded.

What is the court system that deals with the US laws?

Federal Court System

What court system that deal with the us laws?

Federal Court System

Are the Federal District Courts the lowest level of the federal court system?

Yes they are the court where any case in the federal system begins its life.

Why was the court system established in the US?

because the federal development system was not counted as being a federal court so they count it as not being one of the actual federal court system of the untied states

What are the two federal court systems?

In the US, there is only one federal court system.

What is The entry point in the US federal court system?

The entry point in the US federal court system are District Courts.

How are the federal court system and the Illinois court system similar?

both have one supreme court