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The two big differences are:

1. Salem caused 20 executions. The Red Scare killed no one.

2. There were no witches in Salem but there were real communists in the world during the red scare.

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Q: How was the red scare different from the Salem witch hunts?
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List three similarities of the Salem Witch Trials to the Red Scare of the 1950s?

The Red Scare of the 1950s has been called a modern witch hunt. People were accused and convicted of Communism based on tenuous evidence like the witch trials; mass hysteria caused people to believe things that were ridiculous; and everyone realized how stupid it had been too late, lives had already been ruined.

How did the red scare influence Miller?

he saw that the red scare was just like the Salem witch trials. during the trials people were convited for bing so called "witches" and were sentened to hang, but the proof was a comlete hoax and the people were hanged for no rewason. you should reed the crucible and compare it to the 50s red scare

What happened in 1692 in America?

The major issue in 1692 was the Salem Witch Trials.

What did Salem look like in 1692?

Well, in Salem they strongly worshipped and didn't have any fun this is how they thought that the devil came among them and they thought it was witchcraft. Also if a person was found guilty of witchcraft they would me hung, drowned or burned if they survived they where witches and killed but if they didn't (which that's what happened all the time) they would be pardoned and they got on as normal.

How did the Salem witch episode reflect the tensions and changes in seventeenth-century New England life and thought?

As for the salem witch trials, the tension was both economic and religious. There were certain families who wanted to own more of the land, so they accused certain people of witchcraft just so they would be executed. They used religion and superstition as a means of accomplishing this.

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Which Salem is the one from the witch hunts?

Old Salem, Massachussetts.

What country was the Salem witch hunt in?

The Salem witch hunts happened in the English colony of Massachusetts, in what is now the USA.

Where were witch hunts held in colonial America?

Salem, Massachusetts

What was the name of the town in Massachusetts that had a witch scare?


What modern events are similar to the Salem witch trials?

The Red Scare

What is the Town famous for witch hunts?

You probably mean Salem, in the eastern part of the USA.

Which occurrence resulted in the Salem witch hunts and trials?

girls claming they have been bewitched

How were some ways to identify a witch in the Salem witchcraft trials?

Unlike most European witch hunts, the Salem panic did not convict the stereotypical witch evey time. In Europe, witch hunts began when someone died unexpectedaly or something close to that happened and a person who fit the traditional view of a witch was blamed and executed. In Salem, the girls called out on people that cannot all be connected by one trait.

How long did the people in Salem endure the witch scare and trails?

5 weeks

How were witches regarded during the time of the Salem witch hunts?

Witches were regarded as supernatural agents of evil.

What are some examples of discrimination during the accusations of the red scare?

the crucible and Salem witch trials

How many were executed as witches during the Salem witch trials in Europe?

You have made no sense. The Salem witch trials occurred in the colony of Massachusetts and was the latest in a string of witch hunts in Europe and America. It never spread to Europe or any other state.