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they were seperated into to different parts the republican and democratic

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it's went a mommy and a daddy love eachtother very much

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Q: How were the colonial governments set up?
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Why Was It Necessary For African Nations To Set Up Transition Governments?

It was imperative for African nations to set up transition governments in order to have a smooth transition between the colonial government and the African government. The new members of government needed to learn the key elements of their positions before completely taking over.

How where colonial and state governments different?

Colonial and State Governments are different by: Colonial = had been rules by royal governors who where appointed by the British king. Governments = had the power to dismiss elected assemblies.

What do early colonial governments have in common?

If they have colonies, then that is an easier one to answer. If they have colonies, most had separate branches for them, and had a system to get them directly to the main parliament. If without colonies, they had a parliament and a set of ministers.

Why were county governments set up?

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Why did the Sumerians set up governments?

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What are the major features of colonial governments?


How where the colonial governments arranged?


What are words that start with the letter E from colonial times?

Excise tax was charged on liquor by the colonial governments. It was a significant source of income for the governments.

Could colonial governments declare war?


Why did the colonists reject the Albany Plan of Union?

Because the local colonial governments would have to give up their power.

What do wartime governments do across Europe?

set up planned economics

Where do local governments get their authority?

The state governments set up counties and give them authority to set up a county government. Cities and towns are incorporated and awarded charters by the state governments which give them the power to set up a government. State laws set the limits of local government and the process for establishing them.