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checks and balances

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Q: If the Senate defeats a presidential nomination to the supreme court what is it called?
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The Senate cannot approve or reject the President's nomination for a Supreme Court justice.?

yes False o_o (A+, Civics)

Who holds power to approve supreme court justices?

The president nominates a candidate for the position of Supreme Court justice. However, the US Senate must ratify the nomination before that person is sworn-in. Therefore, it is the Senate that holds the power, but the president is a part of the process.

How is the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court chosen?

He (or she) is nominated by the President of the United States and confirmed by a simple majority (51%) vote of the Senate. All Supreme Court Justices are nominated by the president; no person becomes a Supreme Court Justice without a presidential nomination. Nominees are then voted on by the Senate. If the Senate rejects a nominee, which does happen, then the president chooses another nominee. If the President selects an Associate Justice to become Chief Justice, he or she is said to be "elevated," rather than appointed. The Chief Justice remains Chief Justice until resignation (or death), and the person nominated by the president to take the vacant seat becomes the Chief Justice.

Can the senate reject a president's judicial nomination?

yes they can.

Who has the power to appoint federal judges?

The President appoints federal judges, including Supreme Court justices, with the advice and consent of the Senate. That means the Senate must approve the President's nomination by a simple majority vote before the appointment process can be completed.

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What constitutional principle is in action when the Senate defeats a Presidential nomination the the Supreme Court?

checks and balances

As opposed to the house what can the senate do?

1.) Confirm Nomination of Supreme Court Justices2.) Confirm Nomination of Presidential Cabinet members

What safeguard is demonstrated when the Senate disapproves a Presidential nomination to the US Supreme Court?

The system of checks and balances

Who must approve the presidential nomination for the director of the Central Intelligence Agency?

In the United States, the presidential nomination for the position of head of the CIA must be approved by the US Senate.

Who approves Presidential nominations of federal court judges?

Presidential nominations of federal court judges are made with the "advice and consent" of the Senate, just as Supreme Court nominations are. The Senate must confirm the nomination by a simple majority of those voting in order for the judge to be commissioned.

Approving presidential nominations to the judiciary is a power that belongs exclusively to the .?


Who must approve the presidential nomination for the director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)?


Does the congress vote on a supreme court judge?

the senate confirms the nomination made by the president

What committee holds hearings to consider the qualifications of presidential appointees?

The President nominates new members to the Supreme Court, but the Senate must approve the nomination by a majority vote. This is part of the system of checks and balances that is supposed to prevent abuse of power

What part of government confirms presidential appointments to the supreme court?

The Senate

Which institution has the sole power to approve the President's US Supreme court appointments?

The Senate has the sole power to confirm Presidential appointments. The power of "advice and consent" is outlined in the Article II, Section 2, Nomination Clause.

Who approve nomination made by the president?

The Senate approves (or rejects) all Presidential nominations.100% Legislative Branch.