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Yes, this is possible.

A new, multipolar political system and the self-balancing model of government of 5 independent political parties with the movable centre joint decisions would put an end to ideological enmity and direct energy of party leaders to benefit whole society.

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Q: Is it possible to form a new political system by combining Capitalism with Socialism as seen in the current UK Parliament?
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A political ideology of a gradual transition from capitalism to socialism?

What political ideology of a gradual transition from a capitalism to socialism

Explain how socialism was a reaction to industrial capitalism Need it asap?

There was political corruption and capitalism where the official decisions were corrupt.

Labels such as capitalism communism and socialism are examples of what?

These are examples of economic and political ideologies.

Labels as communism capitalism and socialism are?

they are used to represent both political and economic ideas

Which the means of producing and distributing goods is owned collectively or by a centralized government that often plans and controls the economy is called?

Socialism is when ownership of production and distribution is controlled collectively or by the government. The opposite of socialism is capitalism.

Label such as capitalism communism and socialism?

they are used to represent both political and economic ideas --Shelby :)

Why are capitalism communism and socialism often misunderstood?

They represent ideas about both political and economic systems.

What is Communism an example of?

Communism is an example of a political/socioeconomic idealogy, like Capitalism, Socialism, or Totalitarianism.

What are capitalism and communism and socialism?

Capitalism is a free-market system with little or no government regulation. Communism is a system where the market and means of production are owned by the government. Socialism allows some regulation of the economy and is also the transition from capitalism to all out communism.

Britain's is an example of a democratic socialist political party?

The Labour Party supports capitalism, not Socialism.

Political theories of the cold war?

The theory of what system of government was best: Socialism (Communism) or Individualism (Freedom and Capitalism).

What does politicai science study?

Political Science is the study of state, government, and politics, focusing on the theory behind politics, and the analysis of political systems (socialism, capitalism, autocracy, etc.) and political behavior.