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No, the government is not responsible; it's the business owners who are.

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Q: Is the government responsible for outsourcing jobs?
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What is the mean of outsourcing?

Outsourcers are the ones who hire or purchase services from an outside supplier.

Is outsourcing jobs to India good for America?


What is another way to say exporting jobs?


What are the benefits of inshore outsourcing plan?

Keep jobs in America

What is an outsourcing firm?

An outsourcing firm refers to a business group that is solely focused on doing specific jobs for a client. This is a third-party workforce that does jobs regardless of whatever the client's business.

What are the affects of outsourcing to various nations?

Outsourcing has created jobs, as well as helped small businesses or startups survive in these tough times.

What is it called to hire workers in other countries to do a set of jobs?


What companies in the United States use telecom outsourcing?

The list of companies in the US is endless. There is a big push to stop the outsourcing so jobs can be saved.

What is it called when a company in one country sends jobs to another country?


Is offshore outsourcing good for the labor unions?

No, quite the opposite. Offshore outsourcing is horrible for labor unions. In addition to losing out on tens of thousands of jobs yearly, the labor unions lose leverage when it comes to negotiations, due to the threat of their jobs moving overseas. No, outsourcing deprives union laborers of work.

What are some organizational management jobs?

Some organization management jobs may be found in government, charity groups and religious organizations. Also, large business corporations may require the services. Duties include scheduling, outsourcing and project planning.

What are the trends associated with outsourcing?

In these tough times when jobs are outsourced and millions were lost, there is a call for ethical outsourcing that will make doing business fair in this flat world.