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Alexander Hamilton on the $10 bill, Benjamin Franklin on the $100 bill, and Sacajawea on the $1 coin.

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Q: Non presidents on us currency
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What are the four currency denominations with portraits other than us presidents?

Current circulating currency only has 2 non-presidents: Alexander Hamilton on the $10 bill and Ben Franklin on the $100 bill. And among other currency issued in the 20th century that's no longer in use, there was only one denomination with a non-president: the $10,000 bill that had a picture of Salmon P. Chase, Secretary of the Treasury (1861-1864)

Based on the US currency on which their portraits appeared which of these presidents was worth the most?

Woodrow Wilson

What backing for the US currency was favored by the presidents in office during the Gilded Age?

Precious metals

Which two presidents are wearing wigs tied with ribbon on their coins of US currency?

You should know that..............

Who are the three men whose portraits appear on currency that were not US Presidents What were their claims to fame?


Why did they put the president's faces on us paper currency?

They are not all presidents, e.g. Franklin, Chase.

Can you name a man on US currency who was not a presidents?

Benjamin Franklin $100.00 NoteAlso, Alexander Hamilton, $10.00 Note.

Is Alexander Hamilton the only none president whom is on US currency?

Benjamin Franklin is also a non president on US currency. Hamilton is the other.

By law the only portraits of these people may appear on US currency and securities?

The only restriction on whose portrait may appear on US currency is that it may not depict a living person. Contrary to widespread misunderstanding, there is no law or other rule limiting portraits to former presidents. Two current bills ($10 and $100) depict individuals - Hamilton and Franklin - who never served as president, and prior to 1928 numerous other non-presidents appeared on paper money.

How do they choose the people to put on US currency?

The individuals who are on the US bills usually have contributed greatly to the American way of life. Most were founding fathers or presidents.

What US Presidents were put on currency?

George Washington Thomas Jefferson Abraham Lincoln Andrew Jackson Ulysses S Grant

What backing for the US currency was favored by the presidents in office during the gilden age?

Precious metals