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Hold the bill in front of you. Then move your eyes down below the picture very carefully and read the words below the image. They'll say Independence Hall.

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Q: Picture of the back of the 100 dollar?
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What is on the back side of US hundred dollar bill?

The back of US $100 bills features a picture of Independence Hall, in Philadelphia.

What picture is on the tail of the 100 dollar bill?

The U.S. Treasury Building

What does plies tattoo say on his arm?

it a 100 dollar bill a picture

Which US bills do not have a presidents picture on them?

10 dollar bills have a picture of Alexander Hamilton, the first Secretary of the Treasury. 100 dollar bills have a picture of statesman, inventor, and Founding Father Benjamin Franklin.

If sam had 100 dollar bill and he lose it gambling and he borrowed 100 dollar bill from Fred and lose that 100 dollar bill too and had to pay Fred back that 100 dollar bill how many did sam lose?

he lose 200 dollars in all cause he had to pay it back

Whose picture is on the 100 dollar bill?

Since 1914 it has been a picture of Benjamin Franklin with Independence Hall on the reverse.

What does a 1981 100 bill look like?

a 1981 100 dollar bill had a picture of franklin d. roosevelt on it.

What house is on the back of the 5 dollar bill?

It's hardly a "house". As you can see from the caption under the picture, the back of the bill has a picture of the Lincoln Memorial.

What is a 100 dollar bill with 50 dollar printed over the top of the 100 on the back Or a fake?

It means its a miss print.

What picture is on the back of the US dollar coin?

That depends on which dollar coin you mean, 4 different series are in circulation today.

If a picture of Woodrow Wilson was on the front of a million dollar silver certificate what was on the back?

There never was such a thing as a million dollar bill.

Picture of 1800 American silver dollar front and back and is the lady on the fronteven with the eagle pn the back?