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The ten Dollar bill featuring Alexander Hamilton , and the 100 Dollar bill featuring Benjamin Franklin.

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Q: Which US currency bills do not picture a president on the obverse side?
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Why is Thomas Jefferson the only person that was not a president on currency?

Thomas Jefferson was President, and was on currency both - his picture is on the $2 bill, but these are rarely seen and account for only 1% of all bills printed yearly.

What US currency bills do not picture a president on the obverse side?

Out of the currently circulating Federal Reserve notes, the $10 bill has Alexander Hamilton on it and the $100 bill has Ben Franklin on it, however earlier bills have had different people on the obverse for example the later series of the $10,000 bills had Salmon P. Chase on it. And even denominations that are still printed today have had different people on them, for example the series 1891 $1 silver certificate had Martha Washington on it, while the modern $1 bill has George Washington on it.

Whose picture is on the US 2 dollar bill?

Former U.S. President Thomas Jefferson is featured on the obverse of the note. The reverse of bills dated 1976 and later shows a somewhat modified version of Trumbull's painting of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Older bills show a picture of Jefferson's home, Monticello.

What are Two US currency bills currently in circulation that have the picture of someone who was never President?

That would be the ten dollar and fifty dollar bill with Alexander Hamilton and Benjamin Franklin.

What American currency does not use a president?

The ten, the 100 dollar bills.

Which US President has appeared on the most currency bills?

Andrew Jackson has appeared on all of the following U.S. currency bills...$5, $10, $20, $50, $1000 (Confederacy), and $10,000 bills.

What are the dimensions of US currency bills pixels?

The size of any picture in pixels depends on how the picture is taken. You can take the picture to have as many or as few pixels as you want.

What are coins and paper bills called when used as money?

Coins and paper bills used as money are called currency.

Who was on 1000 bills?

The last generation of the now discontinued $1,000 bill featured a picture of President Grover Cleveland.

Do old 10 dollar bills have Andrew Jackson on them?

Yes they do. In 1928 a new series of currency was issued and Jackson's picture was moved from the $10 bill to the 20. Incidentally, the old series bills were noticeably larger than they are today.

What are the American currency bills?


Which U.S. currency bill does not feature an actual president?

There are two current bills that don't have presidents' portraits: The $100 bill bears the portrait of statesman, diplomat, inventor, and Founding Father Benjamin Franklin. The $10 bill has a picture of Alexander Hamilton who was the first Secretary of the Treasury.