Statehood of Montana

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Montana officially became a state of the United States on November 8, 1889. It was the 41st state to be admitted to the union after about 60 years of being a territory.

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Q: Statehood of Montana
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What is Montana's rank and date of statehood?

November 8, 1889 as the 41st State.

When did Montana receive statehood?

Montana became the 41st state admitted to the Union on November 8, 1889.

When did Monatana get its statehood?

Montana was admitted into the Union on November 8, 1889 becoming the 41st state to join the Union.

What four new states where in 1889?

North Dakota South Dakota Montana Washington

When did Montana became a states?

A state constitution was ratified by Montana citizens in November 1884. Congress approved Montana statehood in February 1889 and President Grover Cleveland granted statehood to Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Washington once a state constitutions acceptable to the federal government was approved by the citizens of Montana. In July 1889, Montana convened a constitutional convention and produced a constitution that was accepted by the people and the federal government. On November 8, 1889 President Benjamin Harrison proclaimed Montana the forty-first state in the union.

Why is Helena montanas state capital?

Helena became Montana's state capital in 1875 due to its central location within the state and its rapidly growing population. The city was chosen through a political compromise as part of Montana's transition to statehood.

How many states entered the Union in 1889?

North Dakota (1889), South Dakota (1889), Montana (1889), Washington (1889), Idaho (1890), Wyoming (1890)

What is the statehood of Nebraska?

the statehood of Nebraskan is march 1,1867

How and when did Wyoming gain its statehood?

Wyoming officially gained statehood when President Harrison signed the Statehood Bill on July 10, 1890.

What is Connecticut's early statehood?

connecticuts statehood was one of the 13 colonies

What number was Georgia when it gained statehood?

it was the 4th state to gain statehood.

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