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Admiral Chester Nimitz was commander of the American fleet in the Pacific and the western thrust that was used in the theater. General Douglas MacArthur was the army commander in the Pacific theater and lead the central thrust twords Japan in the Pacific front.

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Two general officers of World War II that were of great importance and who worked primarily in the Continental US were George C. Marshall and Leslie Groves.

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Q: The 2 main generals in the pacific theater?
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What were the 2 Theaters of World War 2?

The European Theater and the Pacific Theater.

What is the Asian theater in World War 2?

You are thinking of the Pacific Theater or PTO (Pacific Theater of Operations). It is the U.S. versing the Japanese.

Who were three generals in World War 2?

Dwight D. Eisenhower was the General over all of the European Theater of Operations. He had Field Marshal Montgomery and General Bradley under him. The Soviet Union had General Georgy Zhukov. The Nazis had a ton of generals but their most popular one was General Erwin Rommel. I can't even spell any of the Japanese Generals. General MacArthur was the General of the Pacific Theater of Operations.

During World War 2 who was the general for the allied?

Eisenhower was the Supreme Commander Allied Expeditionary Force, European Theater of Operations. MacArthur was the Commander of the Pacific Theater of Operations. Over both of these generals was General George Marshall who remained in Washington during the war.

When was Strategic Command World War 2 Pacific Theater created?

Strategic Command WWII Pacific Theater was created in 2008.

On what theater did the battle of Guadalcanal take place?

The Pacific Theater of World War 2.

Which theater did the US have more men fight in World War 2?

Pacific theater

Was eisenhower the american general of the pacific during world war 2?

No. he was in charge of the European theater in WW2. MacArthur was in charge of the Pacific theater.

What were two theatres of world war 2?

Two theaters of WW2 were the European theater and the Pacific theater.

What is the PTO during World War 2?

Pacific Theater of Operations

What theater of world war 2 was most closely associated with the milltary leadership of Douglas MacArthur?

The Pacific Theater.

Famous world war 2 generals for the Americans one in Europe and other in the pacific?

Generals of the Army Dwight D. Eisenhower and Douglas MacArthur