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What were the 2 Theaters of World War 2?

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The European Theater and the Pacific Theater.

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The two most fought theaters in World War 2 were: -European Theater -Pacific Theater Also, the Russian Theater is probley third.

There were two primary theatres in the Second World War - the European Theatre and the Pacific Theatre.

European, Pacific, CBI, Mediterranean

Europe and the Pacific, Mediterranean, CBI

Africa, Italy, Europe, Pacific -all theaters of war

there were actually 4 theaters of war world 2:pacific theaterEuropean thearternorth African theatermediterranean theateri don't know the roles they had in each...but i know that these are right...

The Pacific War was part of World War 2. It consumed resources that would otherwise have been available to other theaters of war, just as it was denied resources needed for those other theaters. So its effect was that it took longer, and required more resources, to prosecute the entire war.

Two theaters of WW2 were the European theater and the Pacific theater.

The US participated in both the European Theater and Pacific Theater of World War 2 and with the cooperation of the Allies they were victorious in both theaters.

The Nazi Germans began by attacking Poland in September 1939 and Japan attacked the US in December of 1941. These sparked the European and Pacific Theaters of War in World War 2.

Contact the National Archives. They have a TREMENDOUS catalog of photographs from all theaters of WW 2.

ETO: May 7, 1945, PTO: August 15, 1945.

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407,316, in all theaters of operation See below website as reference:

Great Britain's role in World War 2 was to fight in both theaters of the war. They were fighting for their very survival and to stop the Germans and Japanese. They were part of the Big 3 in the Allied Forces. They were a huge part of winning the war.

Eastern Front, Italy and from D-Day on, Normandy, France, Belgium, etc.

I have attached a link with all the campaign details for the two theaters of World War 2 in 1945.

By switching to the Allied powers in the middle of the war, Stalin separated the European and Pacific Theaters, making both easier to defeat.

I know of drama theaters, surgeon's operating theaters, movie theaters, and theaters of war. There may be others . . .

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