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The European Theater and the Pacific Theater.

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Q: What were the 2 Theaters of World War 2?
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What were the 2 most fought theaters in World War 2?

The two most fought theaters in World War 2 were: -European Theater -Pacific Theater Also, the Russian Theater is probley third.

What were two of theaters in World War 2?

European, Pacific, CBI, Mediterranean

What were the theaters in World War 2?

There were two primary theatres in the Second World War - the European Theatre and the Pacific Theatre.

What were the 3 theaters of war during World War 2 and America's role in each?

there were actually 4 theaters of war world 2:pacific theaterEuropean thearternorth African theatermediterranean theateri don't know the roles they had in each...but i know that these are right...

When was the movie 'World War Z' released in theaters?

UK : June 2, 2013 .

What were the main battle theaters of world war 2?

Africa, Europe and South Pacific

What were the two theaters of fighting in World War 2?

Europe and the Pacific, Mediterranean, CBI

Where did Italian Americans serve in World War 2?

Africa, Italy, Europe, Pacific -all theaters of war

Which of theaters of world war 2 was most closely associated with the Battle of Stalingrad?

European Theater

During World War 2 the US had to fight in what two locations?

The European and Pacific theaters.

Which theaters of World War 2 was most closely associated with the Battle of Stalingrad?

European Theater

What were the affects of the Pacific War on World War 2?

The Pacific War was part of World War 2. It consumed resources that would otherwise have been available to other theaters of war, just as it was denied resources needed for those other theaters. So its effect was that it took longer, and required more resources, to prosecute the entire war.

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