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confining the powers of the federal government to certain narrowly defined areas and by adding a Bill of Rights to the Constitution.

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Q: The Federalists believed that the powers of government could be limited by?
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What did federalists do?

Federalists in general favor the division and separation of powers. These powers are known as the executive, legislative, and judicial. They favor elections as a means of electing officials. To them, the Presidency is the most important institution.

Which of the following groups believed the Constitution would strengthen the national government?

The purpose of the Constitution was to limit the national government by specifically enumerating the powers it had, leaving the power in the hands of the American people and the individual states.

What do federalists believe in?

stood for is a strong national government, and they thought it would be good to have the government rule everything. The were obsessed with the power, that a group of ANTI-Federalists formed a rebel against the Federalists.

What is the term for a government where power is concentrated at the regional or provincial level at the central government has very weak and limited powers?

A confederation is a form of government where power is concentrated at the regional or provincial level at the central government has very weak and limited powers

How did the federalists and anti-federalists settle their differences?

The Federalists wished to grant some definite power to the new American government, which would enable them to manage their own affairs without having to beg the various states to go along. The anti-Federalists feared that the government might use its powers to eliminate the liberties of the people. They finally agreed on a Bill of Rights, incorporated into the Constitution itself. The Federalists had protested that since the Constitution didn't give the Federal government power to perform some actions, that the government wouldn't be able to do that; the anti-Federalists wanted explicit guarantees. So the Anti-federalists gained specific rights for the people, rights that the Federalists had said were never in any danger. History has proven that the Anti-Federalists were correct, and the Federalists were naive in the extreme; government ALWAYS gathers more powers than its founders had intended.

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Believed that the Federal government should possess all powers NOT specifically denied to it.?


What groups believed a division of powers between the states and the central government would create a balance of powers?


Which of the groups believed a division of powers between the states and the central government would create a balance of power?


In which type of government did the federalists believe?

a strong central government

What is limited and unlimited government?

a limited government is a government with limited powers & vise versa

Were the Federalists in favor of a bill of rights?

No. The Federalists believed that there was no need for a specific "bill of rights," because the Constitution provided a government of specific, LIMITED powers. For example, the Constitution (the Federalists believed) did not need a specific "freedom of religion" right, because the Constitution didn't allow the government any power to regulate religion. The Constitution didn't need a specific "right" to keep arms, because there was no power to regulate arms in the 18 "Enumerated Powers" of Article 1, Section 8. The anti-Federalists believed that EVERY government would expand and take powers that it was not allowed to have, unless there were explicit guarantees that would prevent it. They demanded a "bill of rights" of the citizens to protect against tyranny and an expansive Federal government. The Federalists agreed - because they were sure that the Constitution itself would never allow unchecked governmental expansion. Well, the Federalists were WRONG, and our government HAS grown unchecked, to the point where only those specific prohibitions of government have prevented it from growing even further. And even these are routinely undermined, as rapacious government takes anything that isn't positively prohibited, and a great number of things that ARE prohibited.

What term declares that the states shall keep all powers not granted to the national government?

"Limited Government" or a government of "Limited Powers"

Did the federalists favor the judicial branch?

The Federalists favored the Executive branch. They were all for strengthening the presidential powers and keeping the states rights limited.

The Federalists and the Democratic-Republicans disagreed on what?

The Federalist Party believed in a strong national (federal) government with powers over the state governments. The Democratic-Republicans believed that states should have more power than the national government. This is known as the States' Rights theory.

Why did Thomas Jefferson try to end federalist program?

He wanted to limit federal power and wanted to reduce the role of government in people's lives. He believed that under the Federalists the national government had taken on powers that belonged to the states.

what was true of federalists?

They believed the national government should be stronger than the states

What state powers do the federalists have?

None..state powers have state powers and federal powers have federal powers. The powers not given to the federal government belongs to the state so they each have different powers.