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bonus army

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Q: The group of world war 1 veterans who marched on Washington in 1932 was called the?
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What group of people marched on Washington D.C. after World War I?

Unemployed veterans

What was the march on Washington by world war 1 veterans demanding payment of their war bonus?

The so-called "Bonus Army" marched to Washington DC in June, 1932 and many camped there until dispersed by the US Army on July 28, 1932. The group numbered as many as 43,000, about 17,000 veterans and 26,000 others including family members.

What group marched to Washington DC demanding their promised payment?

American indians

Group of unemployed workers led by Jacob coxey who marched on Washington during the depression of 1893?

Coxey's Army

Which group held a protest in Washington D.C. in 1932 that had to be broken up by the military?

World War I veterans

Which president ordered the army to drive a group of ww1 veterans out of Washington dc?

Herbert Hoover

What president battled the bonus army?

President Herbert Hoover battled the Bonus Army. In 1932, a group of World War I veterans known as the Bonus Army marched to Washington, D.C. to demand early payment of their military bonuses. Hoover ordered the eviction of the protesters from their makeshift camps, leading to a violent clash with the federal troops.

What is the address of Washington Motels Group?

There is no group called the Washington Motels group, but there are a large number of motels in the Washington area. The most popular of them is likely Motel 6, which has many locations in Washington.

What was the name given to the group of ex World War 1 soldiers who marched on Washington to demand early payment of their pension bonuses?

no one kills timmy

What was the VVAA?

Guessing you may be asking about the VVAW, it was the Vietnam Veterans Against the War - a protest group active in Washington, D.C. anti-war protests. That organization loosely evolved into today's VVA - Vietnam Veterans of America.

Who belong to the Veteran Group?


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The American Veterans Aid Group is believed to be a scam, according to the opinions of many people. The organization is not sanctioned by any veterans organizations.