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That will depend on the country, as different countries have different titles for the head of the government. Prime Minister is a common title, but there are many others although they have a similar role. It is also possible to have more than one party in a government, so in that case only one of the leaders will be the head of the government and the other leader or leaders will have different titles.

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need more info --->WHICH COUNTRY?<---

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Q: The leader of the political party in government?
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What is demaocracy?

A Democracy is where the government is headed by the leader in a political party (Barack Obama, democratic party) and citizens have equal say in how the government is run.

How do countries with zero party system form their government?

they elect a leader without any form of political party

What political party of power and who is the leader of NSW State Government?

Barry O'Farrell, Liberal.

Who is ruling the Rajasthan Government?

The ruling Political Party in Rajasthan is the Indian National Congress Party. Its Leader is Ashok Gehlot.

How are political parties similar to the federal government?

Political parties are similar to the federal in various ways. The most common similarity is in the operations and administrative issues. The political party leader is runs the party as a federal government is run by the President.

What is the murdering of a government or political leader?

Assassination is the murdering of a government or political leader.

Who elects the British prime minister?

That's easy! - most British Citizens are eligible to vote in Parliamentary elections, once they are 18. The Political Party that wins the most seats in Parliament will form a Government. The leader of the largest Parliamentary Party (and therefore the leader of the governing Party) becomes PM and head of the Government.

How does the First Minister become the leader of a Political Party in Scotland?

Typically it happens the other way around, i.e. the leader of the political party that wins the most seats in the election is asked to form a government and therefore becomes First Minister.

What political party is kristina keneally?

Australian Political Party. leader is Julia Gillard

Can the British Prime Minister be replaced by his party while in office?

Technically, this is done by the Queen in a short ceremony at Buckingham Palace.She always chooses the leader of the political party with the majority in the House of Commons.Changes of PM only happen after General Elections or when the party in power changes its leader.

Chief Of Party?

term for the president as the leader of his or her political party.

What political party was Bertie Ahern the leader of?

Fianna F&Atilde;&iexcl;il, which is a political party in Ireland.