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Special District

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Q: The local school district is the most common example of what form of local government?
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What is an example of a special-district government?


What is an example of a school district?

Sheboygan School District

What is an example of a special - district government?

provides services that focus on one type of function.

Is a school district an example of a special purpose district?


What is the non abbreviation for Dist.?

Dist. Is the abbreviation for district. Like a school. District or any other district For example. My school is in district 23

Most common type of special district in US?

school district

Who is owner the city school?

Normally, the school is owned by the school district, a branch of the government.

A form of local government organized provide education is called a what government?

school district

Who would you contact if you want to know which school there are in your area?

You may want to contact the school district in your neighborhood. You can look up on Google the name of your district if you don't know it yet. (EXAMPLE: Los Angeles School District: [Narrow down your search] Hollywood School District)

What is a form of local government organized to provide education?

school district

An example of a legislative branch is?

The legislative branch has nothing to do with school governing. Each state has special laws concerning education and there are school boards that oversees the district. The school boards are elected locally and are people who come from the community.

What units of local government has home rule status under the constitution?

a school district