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Do not violate the 13th amendment

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Q: The supreme court has ruled that the military draft and imprisonment what?
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When Supreme Court justices compose their draft preliminary opinions the main audience they are seeking to influence is?

their colleagues on the court

What were the controversies of the World War 1 military draft?

The Conscription Act of 1917 led to anarchists and radicals challenging new draft law as a violation of the Thirteenth Amendment which forbids slavery and involuntary servitude. The Supreme Court in the Selective Act Draft Cases of 1918, unanimously upheld the law as constitutional.

Use military draft in a sentence?

The people of the government tried to military draft me to fight for their country.

Describe three reasons why the American public did not support Americas involvement in the Vietnam War?

The military draft. The military draft. And of course, the military draft. If people are NOT involved...they simply do not care. When they received that draft notice in the US Mail...they very suddenly cared!

How did Joe Biden escape the military draft?

Draft dodger!

Why isn't the military draft against the 13 amendment?

The 13th Amendment guarantees freedom from slavery for all people and has nothing to do with a military draft. The US also does not use a military draft to date.

Did World War 2 have a military draft?

Yes, WW2 had military draft in Britain, Canada and USA.

Pros and cons of the military draft?

The draft could save money

Does Fiji have a draft for the military?

Primarily large nations (used to) have a draft.

When the US military draft begin?

The US military draft began in the US Civil War (1861-1865).

What is the connection between the military draft and the Holocaust?

None. The Holocaust was devastation; the draft (conscription) was "forcefully" employing men for the military.

Why were you protesting against the Vietnam war?

They protesting the military draft. Draft riots, draft card burning.