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The US Military draft began in the US Civil War (1861-1865).

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The US Civil War (also called the American Civil War) was the first military draft.

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Q: When the US military draft begin?
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Has the us draft ended yet?

Who was president of the US when the military draft ended

Why isn't the military draft against the 13 amendment?

The 13th Amendment guarantees freedom from slavery for all people and has nothing to do with a military draft. The US also does not use a military draft to date.

What did the US rename the military draft?

Selective Service

What is the oldest age eligible for military draft in the US?

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Describe three reasons why the American public did not support Americas involvement in the Vietnam War?

The military draft. The military draft. And of course, the military draft. If people are NOT involved...they simply do not care. When they received that draft notice in the US Mail...they very suddenly cared!

Who did not like US in Vietnam war?

US Citizens facing the military draft.

Who made the military draft?

Lincoln and congress first orchestrated the nation's first military draft during the US Civil War (1861-1865). Vietnam (1861-1975) was the last military draft orchestrated by Nixon and congress.

What would it mean to make women eligible for the draft when the military does not currently have a draft?

The US military all ready has in place plans for a draft of women if/ when a draft is reintroduced. Women ARE eligible now in the eyes of the government, so they will be drafted.

What do Men register for on their 18th birthday?

In the US they register for the military draft.

Is there a law about a military draft in the US?

The draft was outlawed sometime in the late 60's or early 70's.

How did the US ready its military economy and people for war?

They strengthed their army by creating a new military draft.

What year did the draft start and end?

The 3 Most Common Examples of the Military Draft in the history of the U.S.A are The Confederacy put in their draft in 1862 The Union instituted their draft in 1862 (mass riots ensued in New York and Boston) In Vietnam the military instituted a draft in early 1969