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Senatorial Courtesy

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Q: The unwritten rule that can dilute the presidents appointment power is?
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Why do you think the senate must give consent to presidential appointment?

To limit the presidents power

Why is the presidents power of appointment so important to the success of his or her administration?

it sucks you out of luck because no one knows the awnser

What does the presidents appointment power come from?

It is in the U.S. Constitution, Article II, Section2, Clause 2.

What The unwritten rule of senatorial courtesy places limits on which presidential power?

There is no unwritten “ rule of senatorial courtesy “ because the constitution sets the limits on all branches of government.

The power of the presidents to grant amnesty is am example of the presidents what?

The President has the constitutional power to grant pardons.

The presidents legislative power includes each of the following except what?

Presidents don't have legislative power. Congress has legislative powers. Presidents don't make laws.

What is the presidents power?

The economy

The appointment power is implied or expressed?


Is appointment power expressed or implied?


What can the judicial branch do to check the presidents power?

It can declare the presidents actions unconstitutional.

How does the constitution limit the presidents power to make the appointments and treaties?

The Constitution limits the president's power based on checks and balance.

Advantages of general power of appointment over limited power of appointment?

In a will or trust, a general power of appointment allows the holder to use discretion to distribute the property. A limited power of appointment limits the distribution to a named class. With regard to trusts, a trustor who retains a power of appointment also retains ownership in the property for tax purposes, probate purposes and in the case of attaching creditors. You should always seek the advice of an attorney who specializes in wills and trusts for the drafting of an instrument that will both meet your needs and federal and state legal requirements. You may read more about powers of appointment at the link provided below.