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Q: Voting where nobody can see who you vote is called?
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Does a president lose their right to vote when impeached?

Given that he has most likey committed a felony in order to get impeached and convicted, it is likely most states would deny him the right to vote. If he is convicted or pleads guilty to a crime prior to impeachment, he would likely lose his voting rights in most states for a period of time. See Sources and related links for additional information.

Voting age before the 26th amendment?

i think the older peoples,becuase the 26th amendment says that citizens eighteen or older can vote, so maybe the citizen had to be like in their thirty 's . I am eleven years old :(

Who approves Supreme Court cases?


Name the amendments that guarantee or address voting rights?

Answer:(15, 19, 23, 24, 26) explained below.The 15th addresses African-American voting rights The 19th, women's suffrage (i.e. right to vote)The 23rd can be included in this answer since it has to do with the Electoral College.The 24th amendment removed the Poll Tax. From Wikipedia's page on the 24th amendment: (see source 1)"The poll tax was part of a series of laws intended to marginalize black Americans from politics so far as practicable without violating the Fifteenth Amendment, which required that voting not be limited by "race, color, or previous condition of servitude."Being charged a fee in order to vote can be seen as a way to prevent impoverished citizens from participating in the democratic process. So, the tax was declared unconstitutional, and this amendment was ratified to correct the injustice.Finally, the 26th gives persons 18 years of age or older the right to vote. (This is also the fastest amendment to ever move through Congress. This fact has a lot to do with the Vietnam War that was being waged at the time. Many protesters held signs reading, "Old enough to fight, Old enough to vote" and similar sentiments.Source 1:

How does each state elect who is to vote for president and vice-president?

The Electoral College choose the president and vice-president is by: First they have to choose a citizen that is born in the United States for instance. And the person that want to run to be the President have to be smart and have to be responsible. The 2 sens have to be born in the USA and have to do something good for the community or state. Then the people there have to vote for which one they choose to pick and which they thought is going to be a well-done president. After that the electoral college have to count it up by using a machine, and see how many votes each sen got. After totaling them up, they are going to see who win the Presidential-Debate thing. And you should watch the Presidential Debates either in || or || you can see how and what they are going to do with the country if they become the president and the vice-president.

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Voting where nobody can see from whom you vote is called..?

Ballot Box

Voting where nobody can see for whom you vote is called?

it's a not counted vote. (: xx :P xp

Do you have to speak English to vote?

No. See the National Voting Rights Act of 1965.

What is the name for cardinals who over see a vote?

Three cardinals are chosen before voting begins in a conclave to be Scrutineers who oversee each vote.

Why is voting done in private?

In a totally free and fair society, of which there are none, secret voting would not be necessary. Each franchised person would vote openly without let or hindrance. Unfortunately, in many ballots, others may try to influence or coerce you to vote in a particular way against your judgement. Secrecy is an attempt to prevent such coercion.

Can you register to vote if you have a warrant for an old ticket?

Yes, you can register. Each state has felon voting laws that may restrict people convicted of and/or incarcerated for a felony from registering or voting. For more information, see Related Links.

Do a lot of people vote in the us?

In the 2008 election 56.8% of voting age population voted. Check link to see comparison to other years.

Is voting done in secret or public?

Voting is typically done in secret to protect the privacy and independence of individual voters. This ensures that people can freely express their opinions without fear of judgment or reprisal.

Are autistic people allowed to vote?

Yes, of course we're allowed to vote. there's no reason why autistic people wouldn't be allowed to vote, to stop autistic people from voting would be a major civil rights issue and serious prejudice.

Did Carrie Chapman Catt risk her life?

not really because she was just telling the government that women voting was just as important as men and African American men voting. see the Governor let African American men vote but not women and that was really rude. the American constitution stated that everyone was free to vote but that was not true so the women said that it was not fair that men got to vote and the American constitution stated that everyone could vote when they could not. so now you see why Carrie Chapman Catt was not risking her life.

What is provided to give voters privacy a voting what?

Voters are provided with a voting booth or a private area where they can cast their vote in secret. This ensures that others cannot see whom they voted for, protecting their privacy and allowing them to make independent choices without any external influence or intimidation. Additionally, some voting systems utilize privacy screens or curtains to further safeguard the confidentiality of the voter's selection.

Why was the Vietnam war called The war that nobody won.?

See response below.