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No. The current presidential succession act was passed in 1947. It replaced the act of 1886. The 25th amendment was ratified in 1967. However, the Lincoln assassination and subsequent impeachment of Andrew Johnson led to moving the Senate Pro tempore off the list in 1886 and farther down the list in 1947 since in 1865 the pro tempore was next in line and the pro temp in 1865 voted to make himself President by removing Johnson.

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Q: Was the line of succession to the US Presidency defined in 1865 by the 25th Amendment soon after President Lincoln was assassinated?
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What was the informal amendment involving the presidency in the 25th amendment?

The 25th Amendment to the US constitutionestablishesguidelinesfor succession of the office of the president.

What is the purpose of the Twenty-fifth Amendment?

Clarify the presidential line of succession

What does John F. Kennedy have to do with the 25th amendment?

It is related to the succeission of the Presidency, when Kenndy was shot the constitution was unclear regarding the Vice President would be in normal succession for the office of the President.

What amendment states how the president and the vice president are elected in the constitution?

The Twenty-Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution allows the President to appoint a new Vice President if that office becomes vacant. Before this amendment their was procedure in place for Presidential succession but not Vice Presidential succession.

The order of succession to the presidency provides that the stands after the vice president in succession?

The Speaker Of The House

What does the 25 amendment?

The Twenty-Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution deals with succession to the Presidency and establishes procedures both for filling a vacancy in the office of the Vice President, as well as responding to Presidential disabilities.

Which amendment established current line of succession for the president?

the 25th amendment

Where in the constitution is the election of the president described?

Article II, section 1, Paragraph 2-3 gives the original procedure for electing the President. It was modified by Amendment 12. (Amendment 22 sets term limits on the presidency and Amendment 25 gives details on presidential succession in case of disability of the President. )

Who is the first person in the line of succession of the presidency?

Vice- President is the first in the line of succession for the presidency. Indeed such is the primary purpose for the office of vice-president.

What position in the US government is second in succession to the presidency?

Vive president

Who is the third person in the line of succession where the presidency?

President Pro Tempore

Where does the speaker of the house fall in line to the succession to the presidency?

After the Vice President.