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The twenty-fifth Amendment allows the Vice President to take office, and allows the President to temporarily give up his powers, and later retake them, and allows the Vice President and Cabinet to collectively temporarily remove the President, and Title 3 of the United States Code, section 19 specifies an order of succession for the cases where the President and Vice President are both unable to serve. Despite common belief, neither the Constitution nor the twenty-Fifth Amendment allows the Speaker of the House or the President pro tempore of the Senate to take office.

Article 2, section 1, of the Constitution of the United States of America allows the Vice President to take the duties, but not the office, of President.

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Q: What amendment provides for succession to the presidency and presidency and presidential disability?
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Which amendment provided for succession to the presidency and presidential disability?

The 25th - passed in 1965 and ratified in 1967

What was the informal amendment involving the presidency in the 25th amendment?

The 25th Amendment to the US constitutionestablishesguidelinesfor succession of the office of the president.

What is the purpose of the Twenty-fifth Amendment?

Clarify the presidential line of succession

What amendment states how the president and the vice president are elected in the constitution?

The Twenty-Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution allows the President to appoint a new Vice President if that office becomes vacant. Before this amendment their was procedure in place for Presidential succession but not Vice Presidential succession.

Where in the constitution is the election of the president described?

Article II, section 1, Paragraph 2-3 gives the original procedure for electing the President. It was modified by Amendment 12. (Amendment 22 sets term limits on the presidency and Amendment 25 gives details on presidential succession in case of disability of the President. )

What set the order of presidential selection?

The first successor, the vice-president, is set by the Constitution. The rest of the list was set by an act of Congress. An amendment to the Constitution provides for a method of filling a vacancy in the vice-presidency.

What amendment covers presidential succession?

20 amendment There have been no Amendments altering Presidential Succession after the Vice President. That is set by Act of Congress. The only Amendments affecting Presidential Succession are the 20th, which provides for the Vice-President-elect to become President should a President-elect die before inauguration, and the 25th, which allows a new Vice-President to be appointed should that office fall vacant.The presidential succession Act of 1947

What amendment clarifies presodemtial siccession?

what amendment clarifies presidential succession

What amendment sets out the Presidential succession to office and a Vice-Presidential vacancy?


What was focus of the twenty fifth amendment?

It clarifies some of the Constitution's vagueness about presidential disability. It sets up the terms for when a vice president can step in for the president when he is disabled

What does the 25 amendment?

The Twenty-Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution deals with succession to the Presidency and establishes procedures both for filling a vacancy in the office of the Vice President, as well as responding to Presidential disabilities.

What twenty-fifth amendment makes provisions for presidential?

The Twenty-fifth Amendment make provision for presidential succession.