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There are no documents or articles of legislation that can provide for any type of freedom including religious freedom. If we are truly free then it is because we are free, and that means we were free before governments were brought into existence and we are free after their creations. Totalitarianism, dictatorships, the divine right of kings and queens are just a few examples of government that clearly disagree with my assertion. These forms of governments must necessarily disagree with my assertion, their very survival as a ruling class depends upon it. Let them disagree, it's like disagreeing with gravity. It just won't work. Think it works? What happened to all the kings and queens that flourished through out antiquity? Where are they now? There are a few, but look at these few and what they had to do in order to survive. The notion of granting rights come from the ruling class and as the cause of freedom grew the smart ones in the ruling class embraced the rights of the people and couldn't grant enough of them. You want rights? You got it! How many rights would you like? Just as long as it's the ruling class granting these rights, you can have as many rights as you'd like as long as the ruling class says you can. When government grant rights those rights can be taken away by government.

The Constitution of the United States of America is a document that acknowledges the right to establish religions and worship freely. This right is not granted to the people as the people were in possession of the right before the Constitution was written. This was a very radical notion at the time the constitution was written and sadly, it remains a very radical notion today. The idea that people own their rights and no government can take them away is actually a radical idea right here in the United States of America today. Can you believe that? Don't believe it? Look around, listen. Don't just listen to the politicians and what they are saying, listen to your friends and family, listen to the people. How many people actually support the Patriot Act? Even if the answer were; only a small group of people, that's too many people that believe a government can suspend the rights of the people.

We are becoming far too quickly a nation that would make outlaws out of people who choose to live free and in accordance with natural rights. This is happening because far too many people believe that rights can be provided by governments. We have been educated to think this way by a public school system that is government. Do you understand? Your public schools taught you and teach your children today concepts abhorrent with the Constitution. The removal of religion from public schools is a strong argument for eliminating public schools. Not because they removed religion from schools, if we are to have a public school system in this country there is a strong argument that the establishment clause of the First Amendment prohibits any form of religious bias. But since religion has been removed from the public schools look at the killings, the terror, the lawlessness that abounds in public school. Name one private religious school that has been plagued with school shootings. It need not even be a religious school. How many private schools make their students walk through metal detectors before entering the building? How many teachers who teach at private institutions are afraid to go to work? The public school system is a very vivid example of how inept and corrupt government is.

Freedom is not about governments. Freedom is about you. You do not need anyones permission but God's to worship freely. Take care that while acting on your religious beliefs that you are not abrogating or derogating the rights of others, because if you do then whatever you did is not a right. It's really that simple.

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Q: What US document provided religious freedom?
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