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Amendment XIV

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Q: What amendment set up the practice of the federal government taxing people's income?
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Who was the chief justice of the US that said the Constitution and the federal government are under peoples authority?

John James

What are some powers that are reserved for the states and not for the national government?

The question is most likely referring to the Tenth Amendment from the Bill of Rights in the Constitution of the United States of America which is a basic common law axiom. The Tenth Amendment states:The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.What powers does the Tenth Amendment refer to? It does not refer to any specific power, but instead, specifically makes clear that the federal government can not declare new unforeseen powers not delegated by the Constitution. The federal government can only do what the Constitution allows it to do. The states have more freedom but are also bound to the Constitution and are prohibited from certain powers and privileges. Whether federal, state or local the governments within the United States of America are bound by the Constitution which serves as the supreme law of the land. Neither the states nor the federal government can infringe upon the peoples right to expression, or right to religious worship, their right to keep and bear arms, their right to privacy, to work and and earn income, to marry, to love...these are all rights that belong to the people and can not be declared a crime by the federal, state or local governments. If the power does not belong to state or federal government then what the Amendment is saying is that the power then belongs to the people, as all power flows from the people.In the matter of jurisdiction there are certain crimes and misdemeanors that fall under the scope of the federal governments jurisdiction. Those crimes and misdemeanors that do not fall under federal jurisdiction are reserved to the states respectively.

Why was a federal government chosen for the US?

Its the topic which is running in most of the peoples mind, these type of issues have a great backface then front. You need to go through the reviews and then you will come to know about this..

Amendment 13 refers to?

The 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution abolishes slavery and involuntary servitude, except that it does permit involuntary servitude as a punishment for convicted criminals. It does not specifically address involuntary servitude in the form of required government service such as a military draft.

When do people have a right to rebel against their government?

when the government takes away peoples rights

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Why was the tenth amendment to the US Constitution was significant to the distribution of power?

It reserved to the states and the peoples all powers not specifically delegated to the federal government

When is it accptable for government to limit the practice of peoples religious beliefs?


Who was the chief justice of the US that said the Constitution and the federal government are under peoples authority?

John James

Who was the chief justice of the US that said the Constitution and the federal government are under the peoples authority?

John James

What early political party fear that a strong federal government would endanger peoples liberties?

The Anti-Federalists feared strong centralized government and favored the individual and States having more power than the federal government.

Where does the money come from that your government uses to find highway projects and other federal programs?

from taxes from innocent peoples

What amendment from the bill of rights protects peoples rights to be a Muslim?

1st amendment

What did Herbert Hoover believe was the duty of the federal government to the citizens of the US?

He believed not to interfere with peoples money problems. Its different because he was against the government having help with THIER companies.

When was eighth amendment added?

The Eighth Amendment, along with the rest of the Bill of Rights, was originally drafted by James Madison in New York City. At this time, the entire federal government was operating out of the Big Apple.

What do the second through tenth amendment mean?

The Second Amendment - It protects people's right to have weapons.The Third Amendment - The government cannot make people house soldiers, which in other words means that the government cannot make soldiers go into peoples houses and stay for a while there without the owners permission.Fourth Amendment - It protects people against unfair searches of their homes.Fifth-Eighth Amendment - Due process of law is promised, which in other words means the right to be treated fairly and have a fighting chance when facing legal action.Ninth Amendment - people have rights aside from the ones listed in the Constitution.Tenth Amendment - the government can only do things listed in the Constitution.

What amendment did congress gain the right to tax peoples income?

The Sixteenth Amendment

Which amendment prohibited states from violating citizens' civil rights?

14th Amendment - TO ALL PLATO PEOPLES!!