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revenue bills

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Congress has the ability to tax.

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Q: What are laws for raising money for the federal government?
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What kind of laws can the federal government not make?

making money

What kind of laws can the federal government make?

making money

Where do bills dealing with money originate?

All laws that deal with money must originate from Congress. This is the group responsible for raising money for the federal government mainly through taxes.

What is one power of the federal gaverment?

The states must obey the rules and laws of Federal Government.

Federal Mandates?

are requirements imposed by the federal government as a condition of receiving grant money

Which branch of government makes federal laws?

The legislative branch of government makes the federal laws and state laws.

What group creates laws about money and federal election?

Most likely you would think the government would create these laws. But from what I know and was taught, the Federal Election Commission does. I hope this helps!

Is click it or ticket a federal mandate?

Kinda, but not really. The federal government does not have the power to mandate states to adopt setbelt laws. However the federal government does seem to have the power to threaten cutting off federal transportation money to states which refuse to.

Under our Constitution some powers belong to the federal government. What is one power of the federal government?

print money

The laws made by the federal government are supreme?

federal sovereignty

Federal government what it is?

A federal govenment is in charge of laws and taxes

What makes law the country or the srate or the people?

The government is in charge of making laws. In the USA, laws are created by local and US State governments. The Federal government also creates laws. The Justice Dept of the US Federal Government enforces Federal laws and State & local police also enforce laws.