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Q: What are other names of potassium?
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Names of Potassium's family members?

these are in alkali metal groupsso the names are hydrogen, lithium, sodium, potassium, rubidium, caesium

Chemical formula of potassium di carbonate?

KHCO3Three names for the same:potassium bicarbonate,potassium dicarbonate,potassium hydrogencarbonate

What are the old names for sodium and potassium?

Also in use are the names natrium and kalium: they are not obsolete.

What are the names of elements in KOH?

The elements in KOH are potassium (K), oxygen (O), and hydrogen (H).

How are the letters in a Periodic Table chosen?

some elements have their symbols directly from their names. Eg: oxygen-O,nitrogen-N some get symbols from their latin names. eg: Potassium-K from Kalium (Latin for potassium)

How is potassium removed from other elements?

potassium is removed from elements by evaporation

What if potassium chlorate is contaminated with KCl?

If potassium chlorate is contaminated with KCl (potassium chloride), the mixture may still be usable but could result in impurities in the final product. The presence of KCl may affect the properties or performance of the potassium chlorate, so it is important to determine the extent of contamination before use. In some cases, the contaminated potassium chlorate may need to be purified or the amount of KCl accounted for in any reactions.

What country can you get the metal potassium from?

Kazakhstan is Number 1 exporter of potassium. Other central Asian countries have inferior potassium.

What important mineral do bananas contain a large amount of?

Potassium Along with other fruits like pomegranite Potassium Along with other fruits like pomegranite Potassium Along with other fruits like pomegranite

What are the names of the 2 ions necessary to create an electric current in a nerve fiber?


What are the other names for tartaric acid?

Another name for tartaric acid is dihydroxysuccinic acid. It is also sometimes referred to as cream of tartar when in its potassium salt form.

Does potassium form anions?

No. Like other metals potassium forms a monatomic cation.