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The biggest effect was that the USSR gained control over a huge part of Europe this in turn led to the cold war, Which meant that war equipment could contineu to be made without having to actually use it in effect the population of the most productive part of the world became the slaves of weapons manufacturers. This of coarse was not the only effect of WW2 but it is one way of looking at it.

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World War II had many effects on the world. The United States moved from being an isolationist nation to the "world's police force," as it still is today. The Cold War started between the two world superpowers, the United States and the Soviet Union (Russia). As a result of the cold war Europe was diveded between the western (democratic) nations and the eastern (communist) nations. Germany was also divided east and west. Germany was not allowed to hold a military either. The nation of Israel was set up as a homage for Jewish refugees from the war. The United States introduced an new weapon to the world, the Atomic Bomb, dropping one on Hiroshima, and another on Nagasaki, Japan. The United States also created the Marshall Plan and The Truman Doctrine. These documents stressed that Communism needed to be contained and it was America's duty to contain it. They also stressed the "Domino Theory," which believed if one nation became communist, that all other nations around it would also succumb. The United Nations was also set up as a result of the war.

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Q: What are the effects of the World War 2?
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