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The features of a representative government are many. They are the following:1. Free speech and a free press;

2. Fair elections allowing for other political parties to ask for votes;

3. Fair and non-repressive laws;

4. Ability to chose their own religion or none at all;

5. The freedom to assemble and address the government on their grivences; and

6. Freedom of life liberty and the pursuit of success.

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There are many features of a centralized government. The common features are that all the powers and political responsibilities are confined within a single central authority.

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the features of government is the prime minister

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Q: What are the features of a centralized government?
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How do you use centralized as a sentence?

The Government office was later centralized.

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What is the centralized form of government?

Centralized government involves a relatively large region being governed from one location.

Did India have a decentralized government or a centralized government?

It had a decentralized government.

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What is also known as the Centralized government?

A Unitary Government.

Also known as a centralized government?

unitary government

Which type of government is power centralized?

A unitary system of government is a type of government where power is centralized. When power is shared between a central government and local governments, this is referred to as a federal system of government.

Did Chandragupta use strong centralized government to run his empire?

yes he used a strong centralized government to run his empire~ i hope did helped you...:)

During which empire was the government more centralized?

Both Mauryan and Gupta had strong centralized governments.

Why is centralized federalism called centralized?

Centralized federalism is called centralized because it features a strong central government that holds significant authority and power over subnational units like states or provinces. This structure allows the central government to make decisions and enforce policies consistently across the entire country.

Which society did not have a centralized government?

Indus Valley