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Q: What are the major components of congressional reconstruction of 1867?
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How did requirements for readmission to the union change under congressional reconstruction?

Congress passed the Reconstruction Act of 1867

Identify the basic provisions of the Congressional plan of Reconstruction of 1867?

The Congressional plan of Reconstruction of 1867, also known as the Reconstruction Act of 1867, divided the South into military districts, required Southern states to ratify the 14th Amendment, and establish new state governments with black male suffrage. It also sought to protect the civil rights of freed slaves and ensure their participation in government.

Congressional law that imposed military rule on the South and demanded harsh conditions for readmission of the seceded states?

Military Reconstruction Act of 1867

What are the parts of the reconstruction act of 1867?

4 parts of reconstruction act of 1867

What are Specific parts of the reconstruction act of 1867?

4 parts of reconstruction act of 1867

Who introduced the reconstruction act of 1867?

The Reconstruction Act of 1867 was introduced by President Andrew Johnson.

The Congressional Reconstruction program enacted in 1866-1867 provided for all EXCEPT?

A land reform measure that would grant small tracts of farmland to deserving freedmen

Who controlled most of the rebuilding of the country during Reconstruction the President or Congress?

here's a blurb i found when trying to answer this same question for my homework:Radical Reconstruction, also known as Congressional Reconstruction, was the time when congressional Republicans, moderates and Radicals, controlled Reconstruction in the South. Prior to Republican control, Andrew Johnson's Presidential Reconstruction had allowed ex-Confederate leaders to regain power in southern state governments. He lost control over Reconstruction when congressional elections in the fall of 1866 led to a two-thirds majority of Republicans in both houses of Congress. When the Fortieth Congress returned in March 1867, presidential Reconstruction ended.Hope that helped you!!

When was the reconstruction of the south?

in 1867

What did congressional reconstruction provide for african americans?

ANSWER The relevant Congressional Acts were: 1 -The promulgation of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution in 1866. It was indeed a "Bill of Rights", which guaranteed the political and legal equality to the new black citizens. 2 - The Reconstruction Act in March 1867. 3 - The promulgation of the Fifteenth Amendment, which in brief, stated that citizen's rights had not to be limited by "race, color or previous state of servitude".

Who made the reconstruction act?

The Congress, in March 1867

What year did congress pass the reconstruction acts?