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- override presidential veto

- reject treaties and presidential appointments

- impeach and remove the president

- impeach and remove Supreme Court members

- create lower courts

- propose amendments to overturn court decisions

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Congress must approve, or modify and then approve ( and quite possibly modify again and approve) the National Budget. Congress is the only political body with the power to declare war.

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Q: What are the most important financial and military powers granted to congress in the constitution?
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What allows presidents to interpret the Constitution to extend their authority over foreign policy and their ability to use the country's military?

Presidents are NOT allowed to interpret the constitution and they are the Commander in Chief of the military. To use the military they need permission of Congress and can't just put them somewhere. The Sec. of State is the principal person involved with foreign policy and any treaties have to be approved by Congress before they go into effect. The constitution provides for a system of checks and balances to make sure no branch is more powerful than another. The president is not a king deciding issues alone.

The right of the national government to impose a military draft is this specific power?

Article I section eight of the Constitution grants power to congress to raise and support armies. This includes the power to impose a draft to compel military service under the Selective Draft Law.

The power to manufacture money and declare war is given to?

The declaration of war is the sole power and authority to Congress. That said, the American President retains broad authority to conduct military operations and maneuvers for a certain period before requiring Congressional consent via the War Powers Act of 1973.

What three expressed powers of congress regarding the military?

There are 3 main powers congress has on the US military

Which branch of government shares the military powers with the President?

The president is the commander-in-chief over all military powers in the US. He consults with the military chiefs of staff but he is the commander and they serve at his will. Congress determines what the military will be and appropriates the funding for it.

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Who makes rules for the military under the constitution?


Who makes the rules for the military under the Constitution?


Where in the constitution does congress have the right to draft citizens to serve in the military?

It is not contained in the US Constitution. It is a Public Law passed in 1917. See below link:

Who is granted the responsibility by the Constitution to declare war?

The U.S. Constitution provides that only Congress can declare war. Any military action taken in the absence of, or immediately proceeding a war declaration by Congress is unlawful under all circumstances.

What are three important powers of congress?

fiscal power, trade power, and military power

What are congresses implied powers?

Implied powers are the authorities that although are not specifically delegated in the constitution are still a power. A good example for an implied power in congress is that the constitution gives Congress the expressed power of providing for a Navy and an Army. But, they also provide for the Air Force. Though this is not listed in the constitution because there were no airplanes during this time, it was implied that Congress should provide for all of the military.

Where are copies of military financial records stored?

Military financial records are stored in federal government facilities. Few of these records are made public record. There are archives for certain records that are available to the public , and these records can be obtained by visiting libraries such as the Library of Congress to view these records.

House of representatives military powers?

The US House of Representatives has no direct military authority. Its members do not have any military rank or authority, and are not inside the military chain-of-command. It does, however, control two important military-related issues:As part of Congress, the U.S. House of Representatives must pass a bill authorizing any sustained use of US military forces (under the War Powers Resolution of 1973) or must pass a bill for war to be declared (per the Constitution). Both bills must also pass the US Senate to be valid.It also controls all Military-related appropriations; that is, all funding for the US Armed Services must pass through the House.

Is congress the only one to declare war?

According to the US Constitution, only Congress has the authority to formally declare war. However, the President can deploy military forces abroad without a formal declaration of war in certain circumstances.

Why were the southern states put into military districts by congress?

Because they refused to ratify the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution in 1866. That led the Congress to pass a Reconstruction Act imposing its desired version of the reconstruction on the former Confederate States by means of a diktat, which contemplated inter alia that they had to be grouped into five military districts, each ruled by a military governor.

In the Constitution of the US of America what is a major power of the Presidency?

1 The ability to veto acts of congress or if you prefer a different one 2 Commander in chief of the military

Who has affected to render the Military independent of and superior to the Civil power?

The President does not have the power to declare war. Will whoever said this please read the Constitution for goodness sake! He was granted the power (unconstitutionally) by Congress to invade a country for 60 days and then the Congress must declare war to continue. The power Congress took to grant this power to the President is not a power the Constitution grants to Congress. Our present Congress is a mockery of Congress' of the past who actually took their oath of office to uphold the Constitution very seriously. Congress is one branch of the government and if they do not do their job as defined in the Constitution we lose all the checks and balances the founding fathers knew were so important to prevent tyranny. Anyway, apparently this statement means the president wants the Military to be in charge instead of the people. The people are the civil power. I know for a fact that the Illinois Constitution states: "The military shall be in strict subordination to the civil power". This is also true in the US Constitution and I strongly believe that any president of the United States must be well versed in the Constitution and how it was defined by the founding fathers or we will lose everything our ancestors worked so hard to obtain for the people of the United States of America. So many men and women of this country have given up their lives to protect our freedoms we cannot just let the Federal Government take them all away from us. We must all learn the Constitution and it's meaning. Education is the only way to save this country. Please take some time, read the Constitution, read the Federalist Papers, read the Law of Nations and understand what your inalienable rights are before they are all taken away.