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Q: What artist had to get permission to wear pants by the french government while working?
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What is tulip santene?

A french artist working in decoration...

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the same, permission.

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Wassily Kandinsky, a Russian-born artist working in Munich is credited with beginning this movement from 1910-1913. At the same time in Paris a Czech artist Frantisek Kupka and the French artist Robert Delaunay were creating 'abstractions'.

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Artist in french is the same but with a E on the end:- artiste.Hope it helps :)

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No, he was a French artist.

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French Government, 1972-1989. Beginning in 1972 he worked in relative obscurity in various posts for France's Ministries of Economy and Finance, Research and Industry, and Defense.

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A furlough (vacation or leave of absence granted to an enlisted person) is called 'une permission' in French. To be on such a leave would be "être en permission, partir en permission".

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You should capitalize the first letter of the sentence "Who is your favorite French artist?"

How do you write the artist in french?


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french artist

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