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The cause for colonists' revolt were taxes being too high, and outrageous laws coming from the royal crown. These abuses soon became no longer tolerated.

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Q: What cause for colonists' revollt?
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Why did metacom declare war on the English colonists?

The underlying cause of the war was the colonists' unrelenting desire for more and more land, but the immediate cause for its outbreak was the trial and execution of three of Metacom’s men by the colonists.

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What did the stamp act cause?

colonists to get mad and boycott.

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Did the british or the colonists have more money during the revolutionary war?

the British did cause that's when the colonists just settled there

Why did colonists hate british taxes?

cause im gay

Why did the Indians get involved in the colonists revolutionary war?

Cause they hate them

Why did the colonists want to achieve independence?

cause england be dissen them

Which did not cause the colonists to grieveances against the british government?

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Did the British expect their actions to cause the colonists to unite against them?

No, because they knew that none of the colonists could stop them from taxing on them.also because they thought that they were the controller of the colonies and the people would do as said.