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Q: What colony was Maine a part of?
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Was Maine one of the 13 colonies?

No. Maine was originally part of Massachusetts. It was not it's own state until the Missouri Compromise of 1820.

Who became the first governor of colony of Maine?

The colony of Maine was never actually founded, as it existed originally as part of the colony of Massachusetts. The district of Maine seceded from Massachusetts on March 15, 1820.

What colony of England was Maine part of?


Was Maine once part of the massachetsetts bay colony?


Was the Maine colony a loyalist colony?

Maine was part of Massachusetts, and Massachusetts was completely anti-George, so I don't think so.

Did the colony of Maine have slaves?

Yes, Maine was part of the Massachusetts Bay Colony and did have slaves during the colonial period. However, the number of slaves was significantly lower compared to other regions in the United States at that time. Maine eventually abolished slavery in 1820 when it became a state.

Maine and New Hampshire were both claimed as a part of what colony?


Was Maine an original colony?

No. Maine was originally part of Massachusetts.

What colony controlled Maine?

Maine was its own colony -Leppis

Why did the Maine colony start?

The state of Maine was established because of the Missouri Compromise ( to balance # of slave and free states) but it was a part of Massachusetts and that colony started because of desire for religious freedom

What is the colony of main?

The colony of Maine would be the Northern colonies.

What colony did Maine belong to?

Maine was a colony of Massachusetts until 1820.