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Q: What describes the difference between communism and fascism?
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What are the similarities and difference between communism and fascism?

Communism: a classless stateless society based on common ownership and production for use. Fascism: an authoritarian variety of capitalism, with wages system, production for sale and no democratic rights.

Which of the following describes a similarity between fascism and communism during the 1930s?

Both ideologies were used to support totalitarian regimes.

Fascism differs from communism because .?

Fascism supports private enterprise. A+

What was a bigger threat to Britain in the 1930's fascism or communism?

Communism. This is one reason Britain appeased Germany in the 1930s. Britain would have preferred fascism over communism.

What is the difference between fascism and Soviet totalitarianism?

Both are authoritarian governments, but fascism focuses more on aggressive expansion.

How were 20th century communism and fascism similar?


Poverty Racism and fear of communism led to the spread of what?


Is Argentina a communist country?

No, not at all. At the moment it is a democracy. In the past it has had brutal military dictatorships, and has tended towards Fascism and populism. When Juan Peron was dictator, he welcomed Nazis fleeing from justice.However, it should be noted, that both communism and fascism are a total government control. There is little real difference between them.

What were the totalitarian movements of the Age of the Masses?

Fascism and Communism. Michael Montagne

What type of government has complete control over your life?

Fascism and or communism

Why did fascists differ from communism?

Fascism and communism are different ideologies with contrasting beliefs and goals. Fascism emphasizes nationalism, hierarchy, and authoritarianism, while communism focuses on class equality, state control of resources, and the eventual creation of a classless society. Fascism typically upholds traditional values and has a strong leader figure, whereas communism aims to abolish private property and establish collective ownership of resources.

What form of absolute dictatorship is characterized by extreme patriotism anti-communism racism and warfare?

Fascism for novanet. Totalitarianism for NovaNET