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What were the totalitarian movements of the Age of the Masses?

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Fascism and Communism. Michael Montagne

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What has the author Roger Griffin written?

Roger Griffin has written: 'Fascism as a Totalitarian Movement (Totalitarian Movements and Ploitical Religions)' 'International Fascism' 'Fascism, Totalitarianism, and Political Religion (Totalitarian Movements and Political Religions)'

What takes pictures and tracks the movements of clouds and air masses?

A weather satellite

How do prevailing winds influence precipitation?

Prevailing Winds influence precipitation with their movements of air masses.

What do scientists think that continental movements are caused by?

It is the movement of tectonic plates that causes land masses to move.

What did Stalin create?

Joseph Stalin created not only an effective communist state, he created a totalitarian state too. He was a feared leader that intimidated the masses with death and imprisonment.

Is Cuba constitutional or totalitarian?


Does a weather satellite take pictures and track movements of clouds and air masses?

It tracks a combination of currents, airflow and temperatures.

How can prevailing winds influence local weather in terms of precipitation?

prevailing winds influence precipitation with their movements of air masses

Was Hitler a totalitarian?

Yes he was a totalitarian ruler.

How do prevailing winds affect precipitation?

prevailing winds affect precipitation on the movements of huge air masses. air masses are moved from place to place by prevailing winds, the directional winds that usaully blow in the region.

Was francisco franco a totalitarian?

was francisco franco totalitarian

Is Russia a totalitarian state?

Russia is not a totalitarian country.

What is the most popular book in the world that is not of religion?

The book which has solely caused the totalitarian control and more systematic elimination of the masses than any other book in History....The Communist Manifesto!

Are dictatorships are always totalitarian?

No they are only totalitarian in extreme cases.

Is Vietnam totalitarian and if so when did they become totalitarian?

I have the same question

What are the rights citizens have in totalitarian?

Citizens in a Totalitarian have no type of rights.

What type of dictators were Stalin and Hitler totalitarian authoritarian etc.?

Hitler - totalitarian, authoritarian, nationalist. Stalin - totalitarian, authoritarian.

What land masses where covered with ice before the ice age?

None. The definition of an ice age is a time when there is ice at the poles.

Did Hitler practice a totalitarian government?

Hitler did practice a totalitarian form of government. A totalitarian state is when the state holds the power over the society.

Are there any totalitarian governments today?

Oh yes, there are a number of totalitarian governments in existence today. The most totalitarian government is that of North Korea, but there are lots of others. China is another very significant example. Burma/Myanmar has a very unpleasant totalitarian government. Iran has a totalitarian theocracy.

What did the rise of totalitarian leaders have to do with World War 2?

A country with a totalitarian leader

What does a totalitarian government control?

A totalitarian government has complete control over its people.

Who is the leader in a totalitarian state and how did they get there power?

who is the leader in a totalitarian state and how did they get thrie power?

What is a totalitarian nation?

A totalitarian state is one where no opposition to the ruling party is tolerated.

What was the first totalitarian state?

The first totalitarian state was Italy, which was created by Mussolini.