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Closed the churches down. Communist theology does not recognize God over the state.

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Q: What did Communist leaders do to places of worship when communism came to power?
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What are the places of worship and the jewish leaders called?

Places of worship: synagogues. Leaders: rabbis.

How is China different from other places?

The majority of the world is capitalist nations however the People's Republic of China is a communist nation which is a minority nation. Communism is based on a classless state. The actual ideas of communism were written by Karl Marx. China is not the only communist nation in the world however its definantly the biggest since the USSR dissolved in 1991.

Should there be statues of Jesus in places of worship?

There are usually statues of Jesus in Christian places of worship, but you will not find them in a Jewish or Muslim place of worship.

What nation in eastern Europe didnt communist government call for free election?

A ‘Communist government’ is a contradiction in terms, as Communism means no classes and no government and no money. The question presumably refers to the state capitalist system set up under Bolshevik rule in many places.

What was the name of the US foreign policy to limit communism to the places already under Soviet control?

The Cold War policy was called "containment." By supporting anti-communist governments and movements, the US attempted to match the Soviet attempts to create new communist governments that would become client states of the USSR.

What are the places of worship for Toaism?


Where do the people of Brazil worship?

In similar places that people from other nations worship.

Where in Kenya to find devil worship churches?

They don't worship in church but in places.

How can you find out about local places of worship?

The fastest way to find out about local places of worship is to ask around the neighborhood. Another way for a person to find nearby places of worship is go to government site specific for the local where he/she is living.

Why did president Eisenhower feel that fighting in Vietnam was necessary?

Eisenhower believed in the domino theory. That was the belief that communist governments were united in an effort to dominate the world and that communists were infiltrating democratic governments to turn them communist one at a time. He believed that stopping the spread of communism had to done in Vietnam and other places where it could still be stopped.

Where is the main places of worship for Jews?

Synagogues are Jewish places of prayer.

What are the names of the worship places Hinduism?

Worship places In Hinduism are called temples. Hindu people say it mandir India their local languages.