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July 9, 1776 -- Washington orders that the Declaration of Independence be read before the American army in New York -- from his personal copy of the "Dunlap Broadside."

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He ordered it be read in front of the American Army in New York

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Q: What did General George Washington order done with his copy of declaration?
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Who was the first executive order was issued by?

Most likely George Washington.

Who was with George Washington when he crossed the delware?

George Washington crossed the Delaware river and attacked the British at Trenton NJ, in order to have a victory and to show that he was still a fighting general, who could win a battle, and eventually win a revolution.

What was the purpose for the declaration of independent?

The Declaration of Independence was written specifically for King George III. The colonists wrote and signed the document in order to notify the King that they were going to become their own country.

What type of government did george washington favor?

Like the other federalists, President George Washington favored a strong central government. He felt one of the main functions of government was to maintain order.

Put these in order The Boston massacre the declaration of independence george iii is crowned the intolerable acts?

Apex-type question, not rephrased

Why does the Declaration of independence list grievances against King George Bush lll?

In order to prove that Britain had violated the rights of the colonists.

In order for George Washington to see all the colonies he took a job at?

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How did patriots achieve their victories at Trenton and Princeton?

The patriots achieved their victories at Trenton and Princeton with surprise. George Washington crossed the Delaware River to attack the Hessian garrison at Trenton. The Hessians were unprepared for the attack and were routed. When British General Cornwallis attacked with his army, in order to trap the Continental Army, Washington lit fake campfires in order to trick the British into thinking that his men were still in Trenton. Then, Washington secretly led his army north to attack Princeton, which Cornwallis had weakened in order to attack Washington's army at Trenton.

What was George Washington during the Revolutionary War?

Yes Washington was instrumental in the victory of the US in the War of Independence from Great Britain in the 1770s. Yes, George Washington was a leader in the Revolutionary war, inwhich he won by encouraging his troops and inspiring them and encouraging them

Why did they elect the first president?

George Washington was the father of the country, nobody could think of any one else who could possibly be more suited for the job, then the general who fought through thick and thin with them in order to persue the idea of freedom.

How did General George B McClellan approach the problem of General Lee's raid into Maryland in 1862?

Upon learning of the raid into Maryland by General Lee and his Army of Northern Virginia, Major General George B. McClellan knew he was facing a challenge from the South's best general and its best army. With that in mind, McClellan began to follow the Confederates slowly, making sure that Washington DC and Baltimore, Maryland were secure. He also needed time to reorganize his Army of the Potomac in order to meet Lee's challenge.

What was Anthony Wayne's quote?

"Issue the order sir, and I will storm hell" - Anthony Wayne in response to George Washington's order to take Stoney Pointe.