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Q: What did Roosevelts executive order 9066 do?
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What were some reasons to cancel executive order 9066?

Executive order 9066 was to put Japanese Americans in internment camps. It was wrong and harmed these citizens needlessly.

How did the Executive Order 9066 ended?

Order 9066 ended in 1984 with Korematsu vs. US

What were some causes of Pearl Harbor?

Executive order 9066

Who signed the executive order 9066?

Franklin Roosevelt signed this order in 1942.

How were the lives of the Japanese Americans changed by the executive order 9066?

they were changed

Why did the Executive Order 9066 affected civil liberties in the US?


What is the mood of the poem in response to executive order 9066?

The poem "In Response to Executive Order 9066" is written from the perspective of a young teenage Japanese girl about to be forced into an internment camp. The mood is a mixture of naive cheerfulness, sorrow, and confusion.

What is the executive order 66?

You might be thinking of executive order 9066, which was issued in 1942 and ordered Japanese Americans to be sent to internment camps.

What were executive order 9066 and public law 503?

chickens... dogs... flowers and cowpoop

When did Franklin D. Roosevelt sign Executive order 9066?

February 19, 1942

What bad decisions did Franklin D. Roosevelt make?

executive order 9066

Why was executive order 9066 upheld as constitutional?

The constitutionality of Executive Order 9066 was upheld because the provisions of other orders that required individuals of Japanese ancestry to report to assembly centers and providing for the detention of such persons in assembly and relocation centers were separate.