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Q: What did lord Durham do to anger the reformers of lower Canada?
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Upper and lower Canada were united based on the recommendations of?

Lord Durham

Who wrote a report that helped Canada evevtually establish self rule?

Lord Durham's Report eventually led to 'responsible' government in the pre-Confederation Province of Canada.

What part of Canada did lord Durham represent?

He represented both upper and lower Canada as Governor and chief

What did the reformers in lower Canada hope to accomplish what were the main issues that were the focus of reform in lower Canada?

The three main issues in Lower Canada were discrimination against the French, unequal taxation, and the lack of power within the government.

When did Lord Durham's acceptable recommendations?

His recomandations were to join Upper and Lower Canada in one colony called the United Province of Canada .

What were the main points to the Durham report?

Upper and Lower Canada be joined. Canada have a responsible government. Those Canadians should take care of themselves.

What was the British government's response to Durham's report?

They accepted it and created one province, the province of Canada, out of two, Lower and Upper.

What task did the British Government ask Lord Durham to undertake in the Canada's?

Lord Durham was sent to British North America in 1838 as governor-general specifically to investigate the circumstances of the rebellions of 1837 in Upper and Lower Canada and to make recommendations for the future government of the British North American colonies. His investigation led to the publication, in 1839, of the famous Durham Report in which he recommended that Upper and Lower Canada be united, that responsible government be granted (see text below), that French Canadians be assimilated and that municipal institutions be established in Canada.

Who did lord durham speak to and whom did he ignore?

Something to do with the French-Canadian Rebels in Lower Canada, who he talked to, but did not really add their interests or suggestions into his report, due to lord Durham being quite biased against the french.

Who wrote a report that helped Canada eventially establish self rule?

There was more than one but the generally such a question refers to Upper and Lower Canada and the answer would be John Lambton and the Durham Report.

What were the causes of the Acts of Union?

Upper and Lower Canada were having disputes, and that caused rebellions. Lord Durham was sent to find the reasons for these rebellions and Upper and Lower Canada. He came up with 2 main solutions:Appoint responsible government to the colonies to ensure equality.Combine Upper and Lower Canada to form one major Colony.And so the Act of Union was written.

What statesman did parliament send to Canada in the 1830s to investigate demands for self rule?

John George Lambton (commonly referred to in history texts simply as Lord Durham, and also known as "Radical Jack") was sent to British North America in 1837 as a result of the revolutions in Upper Canada and Lower Canada that occurred earlier in the year.Lord Durham produced a detailed report recommending the implementation of responsible government.