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The United States feared that after Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait, he would continue to expand his military presence and potentially invade other countries in the Middle East, such as Saudi Arabia. Additionally, there were concerns that he would use Kuwait's oil resources to further strengthen his military and potentially threaten the stability of the region and global oil supplies.

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invade Saudi Arabia

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Q: What did the United states fear that Saddam Hussein would do after he invaded Kuwait?
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What was the start of the Persian gulf war?

The start of the Persian Gulf war was when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait in 1990. He invaded Kuwait mostly because he wanted the oil. The United Nations put sanctions on Iraq, but Saddam went on until the United States and a few other countries invaded. On February 28, 1991, Iraq retreated.

Did the US and Saddam Hussein fight together to free Kuwait from Saudi Arabia?

No. The United States and Saudi Arabia fought together to liberate Kuwait from Iraq (under Saddam Hussein).

What did Saddam Hussein do in August 1990 to cause a US-led coalition to invade Iraq the following January?

He invaded Kuwait and occupied it in violation of Kuwait's sovereignty (and making it substantially more difficult for the United States to get oil).

Why is the Gulf War so famous?

The Gulf War was the first war between the United States and Saddam Hussein. It began because Saddam's troops invaded Kuwait and wouldn't leave. The US won the unofficial war in 42 days.

What key accusation did Saddam Hussein make against Kuwait?

The United States has leveled numerous accusations at Saddam Hussein, so just choosing one is rather odd. However, if you are looking for the accusation which was supposed to justify the Iraq War of 2003-2011, this was the accusation that Saddam had stockpiles of "weapons of mass destruction", generally chemical and biological weapons.

Who was in coalition against Saddam Hussein?

United states Saudi Arabia Turkey The United Kingdom Egypt United Arab Emirates Oman France Spain Syria Kuwait Bangladesh Pakistan Canada Niger Bahrain Czechoslovakia Netherlands Honduras

Goal for us invasion into Iraq?

The United States didn't want to invade Iraq for their oil. (that was the earlier answer) The reason why the United States interfered was this: Kuwait and Iraq share oil fields, and every so often, each country is allowed to take a certain amount of oil from the fields. Then, Saddam Hussein decided that he wanted more than his fair share of oil. He wanted all of it. So he blamed Kuwait for taking more oil than allowed, to start a conflict that he might win. The United States thought that this wasn't a good idea, and they decided to invade Iraq to help Kuwait. (the answer to the question) The United States fought on Kuwait's side until Iraq and Saddam Hussein realized that they couldn't win. The Saddam Hussein did something so incredibly stupid. He burned all of the oil! Hussein was acting like a big baby, saying "If I can't have it, no one can!" The United States still won, but the disappointing part was that Hussein remained in power. When the troops returned, the American citizens provided overwhelming support for them. I hope you meant the first invasion, and I !!

What two nations loaned money to finance Saddam Hussein during the Iran-Iraq War?

The nations that loaned money to finance Saddam Hussein during the Iran-Iraq war were China, Italy, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. It is also believed that the US loaned $5.5 billion dollars to Saddam Hussein who then bought weapons with it. Many other nations provided military arms to Iraq without providing money.

Why was the Persian gulf conflict fought?

Because Iran wanted Oil from Kuwait, and America came to help through the Gulf.

Why were western leaders concerned when iraq invaded kuwait?

Kuwait is a huge producer of oil and the U.S. requires a lot of oil. The United States and some other countries did not want Sadaam Hussein to be in charge of so much of the world's oil.

Why did the U.S. bomb Iraq and Saddam Hussein in 1998?

He refused to comply with U.N. weapons inspectors.

What leader was deposed and later executed as a result of the United States invasion of Iraq?

Saddam Hussein