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I think he said that people were created equal by God.

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Q: What do you think the author meant by that all men are created equal?
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When Thomas Jefferson wrote all men are equal to whom was he likely referring to?

He meant “mankind “ was created equal. His reference doesn’t mean what we think today because of the difference in time and the world. In his world no one was equal and everyone was below the king.

Did Baron De Montesquieu think all men were created equal?

no he didn't

Why do you think the declaration of independence said all men are created equal rather than all people?

Because all white property owners were created equal.

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What do you think deganawida meant when he said?

Deganawida wanted all the fighting to stop and everyone to help each other and all be treated equal.

Are men and women epual?

I think you meant equal. The bible say that all men are created equal, however the woman is not a man. But she is a hu-man. However, the bible also say that she is the weaker vessal. So in my human opinion, although I would like to say yes, I believe the answer is no. Not saying one is better than the other.

Were their dinosaurs when Adam was born?

i think u meant when Adam was created.... and yes there was dinos because they were involved with the creation in the book of Genesis

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beginning of 21st century, really. I think the author meant the each book to seem like the the story happened that year.

Why is the declaration the biggest conjob?

Because Jefferson's premise was "All men are created equal". Nobody, NOBODY, in the world during that time thought 'all me are created equal'. The whole feudal system, empires in china, samurais in japan, didn't think men were equal. That's the whole reason why there was a king in Europe, Emperor in China, and etc. But when Jefferson used that as a premise, as an obvious fact that 'all men are created equal', people's resposne was "Oh...he's right!" That is why the declaration is the biggest conjob; Jefferson didn't prove 'why' all men were created equal; he just used it as a premise! You can't do that in today's society; if I say "all people are meant to be naked" and use it as some sort of a declaration, I'll get jailed. So there you go, the country created after a biggest conman :)...but a brilliant and awesome conman!

Did Truman created the separate but equal policy?

i think it might have been Harry.S. Truman but make sure before taking this answer.