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an agricultural surplus

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Q: What does a society need to do before it develop?
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Why did the Greek society need to develop numerals?

Why did society need numerals

What must a society have before they can develop towns and cities?

a writing system

How do you develop a good societywhat is your role tp develop a good society?

how can we develop our society?

Why did society need to develop numerals?

Society needed to develop numerals so they could communicate the number of sheep or other animals or any other number of things. It probably started thousands of years ago.

How did inequalities develop in society?

The inequalities did develop in society as a result of the selfish and greedy leaders.

develop a thesis on the Importance of television in modern society?

develop a thesis on importance of teveision in modern society

Which society was the first to develop permanent settlements?

Agricultural Society

What do people need in order to develop a complex society or civilizations?

Agriculture. For without that one must be a hunter-gatherer, thus having no time for any other activity than hunting or foraging, certainly not being able to develop a complex society, or the rule of law.

Why must society develop city life before it develops complex institution?

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What does the society need to have before the division of labor occurs?

Eat butt kids

What does a society need to have before the division of labors occurs?

Eat butt kids

What does a society does need to have before a division of labor can occur?

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