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you r going to get run over

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Q: What does middle of the road politics mean?
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What does moderate mean in politics?

It means 'middle of the road' - not particularly extreme either way.

What do 2 continuouswhitelinesinthe middle of the road mean?

no overtaking

What does a solid yellow centerline on the road mean?

The yellow solid line in the middle of the road means that you are to stay on your side of the road, no passing!

What is the mean in the Doctrine of the MEan by Confucius?

The mean refers to a middle-of-the-road approach to life to achieve harmony.

What does the circle with car skidding in the middle mean?

Slippery road ahead.

What does roundbound mean?

A circle in the middle of a road utilized to slow down traffic

What does the phrase middle of the road in politics mean?

This is an expression for someone who is a moderate, someone whose views are in no way extreme. It sometimes refers to a person who prefers to remain neutral, or someone who tries to see both sides and then takes the best of both. Political scientists have noted that there are fewer politicians today whose views are middle-of-the-road. Most have staked out one specific ideological position and they do not deviate from it.

What does the sign with a triangle and ford written in the middle mean on the road?

It is a worded warning sign

What is double lines on the road mean?

They mean that no vehicle should cross them to pass or turn. Depends where you are but in many places double lines in the middle of the road mean overtaking another car is not allowed.

When was Middle of the Road - song - created?

Middle of the Road - song - was created in 1983.

When did Middle-of-the-Road Italy end?

Middle-of-the-Road Italy ended in 2007.

When was The Road to Middle-earth created?

The Road to Middle-earth was created in 1982.