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Q: What does the 1834 ten dollar bearer look like?
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How much is a 1834 silver dollar worth?

Sorry. No U.S. one dollar silver coins were struck in 1834. Look at the coin again and post new question.

What does Paul bearer look like now?

Same as he used to really.

What does a half dollar look like?

a half dollar looks like a dollar cut in half

What does a negative 'family dollar' store pregnancy test look like?

what does a positive pregnancy test look like from family dollar

What do stripers look like?

Dollar bills.

What does the feather look like on a silver dollar?

Like an eagle

What do us silver certificates look like?

It really depends on the series, but the small sized series look very similar to a normal US dollar bill only rather than having a green serial number it is blue. It also has a blue seal, says "Silver certificate" at the top, and rather than saying "X Dollar(s)" it says "X Silver Dollar(s) Payable to Bearer on demand" Earlier silver certificates will look different. For images just Google "Silver Certificate" and look at the different types.

Where is Edge with Paul Bearer?

He is running around the arena, doing things to dummies that look like Paul that would be fatal to humans.

What does a 1879 silver dollar look like?

1879 would make it a "Morgan" dollar.

How does a million dollars look like?

It looks like ten thousand one hundred dollar bills. Or does it look like twenty thousand fifty dollar bills? I can never remember.

How does a 1943 dollar coin look like?

It doesn't look like anything because there's no such thing.

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The dollar sign is this: $An S with a vertical line through the center